June 6, 2013

(Anderson, SC). Raymondeze Rivera was sentenced to life in prison today by the Honorable Lawton McIntosh for the murder of Kwana Burns in December of 2006. Rivera was convicted in 2008 for the murder of Asha Wiley and was tried in 2010 for the murder of Kwana Burns. The conviction in the 2010 case was overturned by the Supreme Court earlier this year.



Raymondeze Rivera is a violent and dangerous man who has shown no remorse for his crimes,” said Solicitor Chrissy Adams.  “It is disappointing that a South Carolina Supreme Court poverturned Rivera’s previous death penalty conviction.  I am confident that if we took this case to trial again, we would secure another death penalty verdict.  Many factors, however, go in to the decision of whether or not to proceed with a new trial and our primary concern is what is best for the victim’s family.  After lengthy discussions with the family, we have mutually agreed that the emotional burden of a new trial would be too great and the best course is a guilty plea that ensures Rivera will never again be a free man.  It is my hope that today’s plea will help the family to continue to heal from the loss of Kwana Burns and keep them from having to ever again see the inside of a courtroom.” 




February 5, 2013

 ANDERSON, SC. After jury selection and pretrial motions were heard, Walter Chase Alley plead guilty today in Anderson General Sessions Court to Murder. After consideration of the State’s evidence and after hearing testimony from the defense, the Judge made a finding that the defendant was guilty but mentally ill.  The Honorable J.C. Nicholson sentenced Alley to 37 years in prison. Mr. Alley will be sent to the State Department of Mental Health prior to being sent to the SC Department of Corrections to serve his entire sentence.

On July 18, 2011, 86 year old Glenn Craft was shot to death in his home near Belton during a burglary. Alley turned himself in the following day and admitted to shooting Mr. Craft. Three others were also implicated in the murder and subsequently charged.








October 16, 2012

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Walhalla, SC. Tommy Joe Cooper pled guilty today in Oconee General Sessions Court to 5 counts of Burglary, 2nd Degree (Violent). The Honorable Lawton McIntosh sentenced him to 15 years on each count to be served concurrently.


Between September 2010 and February 2012, the defendant broke into 4 of his neighbors’ outbuildings taking tools, lawnmowers, chainsaws, blowers and other assorted items. Some of the property was located at a nearby pawn shop. Cooper had previously served time in prison for burglaries committed on the same properties in 1989.


“I want to thank law enforcement for their efforts in tracking down the person responsible for this string of burglaries,” said Solicitor Chrissy Adams.  “I have no doubt that if Tommy Cooper had not been caught and arrested he would still be out there today committing additional crimes.  Today’s guilty plea and sentence, however, mean that instead of stealing further from his neighbors, he will be locked behind bars and unable to victimize our community any further.”