An Adult Drug Court Program offers an alternative for those persons whose crimes are the result of their drug addiction. Defendants who wish to participate in the program will be required to plead guilty in court and they will be sentenced. The judge will suspend or transfer the sentence to the 18 month program. Failure to complete Drug Court will result in completion of the sentence within the S.C. Department of Corrections. Successful completion of Drug Court results in the sentence being satisfied. The 18 month program consists of case management, random drug screens, and regular court sessions to monitor progress while undergoing weekly outpatient counseling sessions. The cost of the program will be paid by the participants. Failure to comply with the requirements of the program could result in longer or more intense treatment, community service work, or jail time. Consistent non-compliance will result in unsuccessful termination from the program. All participants must maintain full employment throughout the duration of the program.

Drug Court is an opportunity for persons whose drug addiction has led to criminal behavior to change their lives and become productive members of the community.

Drug Court