(ANDERSON, SC). An Anderson County jury convicted Bobby Joe Arflin today of Murder, Possession of a Weapon During the Commission of a Violent Crime, and 3 counts of Solicitation to Commit a Felony. The Honorable Scott Sprouse sentenced Arflin to 30 years for Murder, 5 years (concurrent) on the weapon charge, and 10 years on each Solicitation charge. One of the Solicitation charges is to be served consecutively with the other two to be served concurrently. 


On December 11, 2013, the defendant Bobby Joe Arflin ran into a truck belonging to Jody Powell which was parked at a residence in his neighborhood in Belton. Mr. Powell came out of the residence, where he was attending a child’s birthday party, to see what happened. Words were exchanged between the two and the defendant then pulled out a revolver and shot the victim. Mr. Powell ran around the truck and fell while fleeing the defendant. Arflin pursued the victim and shot him again from behind. Several people at the residence witnessed the incident.  


Between October 4th and November 14, 2014, while the Defendant was being held at the Anderson County Detention Center awaiting trial for the murder of Jody Powell, Arflin, approached a cellmate and offered him land to kidnap 3 people who were to be witnesses in the murder trial. The defendant provided a hand drawn map of the land and the names and ages of the witnesses. Once released, the cellmate reported to law enforcement what happened.  Arflin then made a recorded phone call to the cellmate wherein he acknowledged the kidnapping plot.  Arflin was then charged with 3 counts of Solicitation to commit a felony, kidnapping. 


“We are pleased that today’s verdict and sentencing will keep Mr. Arflin behind bars for what will likely be the rest of his life,” said Solicitor Chrissy Adams.  “He has shown no remorse for his actions and instead sought to victimize three more innocent individuals.  Today those victims and the family of Jody Powell can know that Mr. Arflin is facing justice for his crimes.”