(Anderson, SC). Debra Lynne Sheridan was found guilty today by an Anderson County jury of two counts of rabies violations and methamphetamine possession and not guilty on ill treatment of animal charges. The Honorable R. Scott Sprouse sentenced Sheridan to 3 years suspended to 5 years probation as well as to surrender the animals to Anderson County PAWS. A condition of probation is that Sheridan is not allowed to operate an animal rescue while she is on probation. 


On March 18, 2015, Anderson County law enforcement went to the residence of the defendant at 818 Hamlin Road in Easley (Anderson County) to perform a welfare check on the animals located on the property. A large number of dogs and cats were found to be without proper shelter and water in a fenced area which smelled strongly of excrement. Several closed kennels were also found with dogs inside in similar conditions as those found outside. Fifty-three dogs and seven cats were seized from the property. Nineteen dogs and three cats were in visibly poor health. Sheridan was unable to provide veterinary records or rabies vaccination documentation for the animals on the property. When searched prior to her arrest, a small baggie which tested positive for methamphetamine was found in Sheridan’s front left pocket. 


“While we are disappointed in the verdict, we respect the jury’s decision,” said Solicitor Chrissy Adams.  “The defendant’s continued lack of proper care for these helpless animals is inexcusable.  We are thankful that the Judge saw fit to relinquish the custody of the animals to PAWS where they can now be adopted into loving homes.”