Oconee, S.C. -  Yesterday, in Oconee General Sessions Court before the Honorable Judge Scott Sprouse, defendant Chevis Morris pled guilty to Voluntary Manslaughter, Armed Robbery and Burglary 1st degree.  He received a negotiated sentence of 30 years in jail. 


On July 30, 2016, the victim, Jennifer Poore, was shot in her home in Anderson.  Mr. Morris had gone to that location with two other females, to visit.  The shooting was witnessed by one of the women and the other saw the defendant running from the house with a gun in his hand.  When arrested and questioned by the police, the defendant said that he noticed the victim had a large roll of cash in her pocketbook.  The defendant said he intended to strike the victim in the head with his gun and steal her cash, but the gun went off when he hit her.  The defendant fled the scene and later broke into a residence and stole a car.  He was arrested the next day at his mother’s house.


“I hope that this lengthy sentence brings some peace to the family of Ms. Poore, who lost their loved one in a senseless act of violence stemming from greed,” said Solicitor David Wagner following the imposition of the sentence by the Court. 



(Anderson, SC). Late in the afternoon yesterday, following a three day trial, the Honorable Lawton McIntosh sentenced Mary Nimmons Patrick to 25 years in the South Carolina Department of Corrections and a $100,000.00 fine, after a jury convicted her for Trafficking Methamphetamine between 200 and 400 grams.   Assistant Solicitor Chelsey Moore appeared on behalf of the State, and the defendant was represented by attorney William Yarborough.

 After several months of surveillance, Detectives with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Division executed a search warrant at a home on Willingham Road in Belton. Inside the home, Detectives found the defendant, Mary Nimmons Patrick, and approximately a half pound of methamphetamine. Patrick admitted to Detectives that she divided the methamphetamine into smaller portions to sell.

Solicitor Wagner commented following the verdict:   “Ms. Patrick had two prior methamphetamine convictions on her criminal record. The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office has been working hard to stop drug offenders at high levels, particularly drug traffickers. The way they methodically worked the case against Ms. Patrick helped secure this conviction, and has stopped a large source of methamphetamine that was distributed in Anderson County.”

(Anderson, SC). Earlier today in Anderson County General Sessions Court the Honorable Lawton McIntosh sentenced brothers Jacob and Oscar Lance to 30 years in prison for the 2015 killing of Todd Cantlay. The brothers pled guilty to charges of Voluntary Manslaughter, First Degree Burglary, and two counts of Third Degree Arson. They received 30 year sentences for the Manslaughter and Burglary charges, and 15 year sentences for both Arson charges, all of which are to be served concurrently. Senior Assistant Solicitor Lauren Davis Price appeared on behalf of the Tenth Circuit Solicitor’s Office, and attorneys Kurt Tavernier and Lee Cole appeared on behalf of Jacob and Oscar Lance, respectively.

There was evidence that the victim, Todd Cantlay, had called and texted with Jacob Lance prior to the incident date of November 13, 2015, concerning drug sales to his son, and threatened Jacob Lance in phone calls due to the son being “shorted” and paying too much for drugs. Jacob and Oscar Lance went to Todd Cantlay’s home on the incident date, entered uninvited, and struck the victim with a baseball bat several times in the head, which resulted in his death due to blunt force trauma. The Lance brothers then set the body of the victim on fire, postmortem, and stole guitars, an Xbox, a television, and a rifle from the victim’s home, before driving off in the victim’s vehicle. They took the victim’s vehicle to the woods where they attempted to burn it, and where it was later recovered by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. Items belonging to the victim were found in Jacob Lance’s vehicle and in Oscar Lance’s home following search warrants executed on their properties. The baseball bat and rifle were also found behind the home of Oscar Lance. Both brothers gave confessions to law enforcement, but each blamed the other for striking the fatal blows. 

Following the sentence today Solicitor David Wagner gave the following statement: “In plea Court today, the finger pointing by Jacob and Oscar Lance continued, as neither admitted to being Todd Cantlay’s killer. These brothers will now pay for these heinous crimes they committed together. They are ‘eating from the same bowl’ with identical sentences handed down from the Court. We are pleased with the Court’s sentence today, which reflects the law in South Carolina that says ‘the hand of one is the hand of all’, and which appropriately holds the Lance brothers equally responsible for these acts.”

(Anderson, SC). Today, Judge Lawton McIntosh sentenced Demetrius Gambrell on charges of Attempted Murder and Armed Robbery to seventeen years in jail, to be served concurrently on both charges. He will get credit for 370 days he has already served. Representing the State was Senior Assistant Solicitor Kristin Reeves and Bill Hinnant represented Mr. Gambrell. 

On January 18, 2017 the victim, who was friends with Gambrell, was with the defendant on Leon Drive in Anderson County when the defendant opened fire and shot him five times before leaving him in a ditch by the side of the road and taking the victim’s vehicle. The vehicle was discovered outside of Gambrell’s house, where it had been set on fire, and the victim’s wallet was later recovered from the defendant’s residence. 

Then, on January 31, 2017 the defendant entered the Stop-a-Minute on the 28 Bypass in Anderson County, asked the store clerk for cigarettes before pointing a gun at the clerk and demanding money, threatening to shoot the clerk if he refused. He then left in a red car wearing a camo jacket and baseball hat. The incident was recorded on video. 

Gambrell was arrested on February 2, 2017 in Louisiana in the red car wearing the same clothing he wore when he committed the armed robbery. Officers in Louisiana recovered a .380 and ballistics testing matched the bullets recovered from the victim in the attempted murder. 

Following the sentencing Solicitor David R. Wagner said that “violent acts such as these will not be tolerated in our jurisdiction. If you leave the State, we will bring you back, and bring you to justice.”