James Williams pled guilty on October 18,2006 before the Honorable Paul M. Burch to the charge of Murder and Grand Larceny. Judge Burch sentenced Williams to 30 years on the Murder charge and 10 years on the Grand Larceny charge to run concurrently.

On or about December 24, 2005, Anderson County deputies responded to a missing person report for Mary Ann Williams, age 65, of Moss Oak Drive, Anderson, SC. Officers found Ms. Williams in her home already deceased. The cause of death was asphyxiation. The defendant, Ms. Williams’ son, surrendered to the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office on December 28, 2006 at which time he made a full confession. Mr. Williams stated that he was under the influence of crack cocaine when he murdered his mother. 

Elliott Lawton pled guilty in Anderson County General Sessions Court today to Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor, First Degree. The offense took place in November of 2005. The Honorable Paul Burch sentenced Lawton to 15 years in prison. Lawton will be required to register as a sex offender.

Lawton confessed to sexually abusing an eight-year old child who was in his custody. His common-law wife, Carolyn Kinman Lawton, is charged with Unlawful Conduct Towards a Child i

An Anderson County jury deliberated less than two hours before delivering a guilty verdict in the State vs. Lillian Sims case today in Anderson General Sessions Court. Sims was charged with Homicide by Child Abuse or Neglect in relation to the death of six-month old Shaquala Mance on March 27, 2005. 

Lillian Sims had been a foster parent to the child for approximately two months prior to the child’s death. On March 27, 2005, EMS responded to 123 Compton Drive in Anderson in reference to the infant who was found to be in cardiac arrest. Dr. Brett Woodard, who performed the autopsy, stated that the cause of death was malignant cerebral edema due to blunt force trauma. Sims, the primary caregiver was subsequently charged with Homicide by Child Abuse or Neglect. 

The Honorable Perry Buckner sentenced Sims to 20 years suspended to 15 years prison time with 3 years probation to follow. 

“The majority of children who suffer from abuse or neglect cannot speak for themselves. When this happens, it is up to the justice system to speak for them. The jury, by their verdict, did just that for Shaquala.” Solicitor Chrissy Adams.

The Honorable J.C. “Buddy” Nicholson sentenced David Christopher Ellenburg to 10 years suspended to 4 years prison time plus 5 years probation for 4 charges of Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature. Ellenburg pled guilty in Oconee County General Sessions Court in July but Judge Nicholson deferred sentencing until a mental evaluation could be done to determine if Ellenburg should be placed on the sexual offender registry. Based on findings from that evaluation, Judge Nicholson ordered that Ellenburg register as a sex offender and receive sex offender treatment, either while incarcerated or when released on probation. Ellenburg was also ordered to have no unsupervised contact with any child 16 years of age or younger and to be on electronic monitoring and house arrest for the first six months after his release.