Profile of Chrissy Adams.

Jackie Reynolds 47 Year old White Female was sentenced to two years in jail for her arrest on two counts of prostitution 3rd offense. The charges were brought by undercover agents of the Anderson County Sheriff's department on April 1, 2005 and September 15, 2005 near Orville Baptist Church on South Main Street. Ms. Reynolds admitted during her plea to having a drug problem.

The Honorable Judge Cordell Maddox also ordered Ms. Reynolds to undergo drug treatment while incarcerated.

Lead Prosecutor - T. Matthew Bradley
Defense Counsel - Robert Lusk

An Anderson County jury deliberated less than 2 hours before finding Clinkscales guilty of Murder in the death of Kenica Richardson on August 14, 2004. According to testimony, Clinkscales argued with Ms. Richardson and then fired at least four shots which resulted in her death shortly thereafter. The victim’s mother and three children were in the home at the time of the shooting. Clinkscales fled the scene and was later arrested by officers from the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office in Richmond, Virginia.

The Honorable Judge Edward Miller sentenced Clinkscales to 40 years for Murder and 5 years for the Possession of a Weapon during the Commission of a Violent Crime.

Lead Prosecutor - Catherine Huey
Defense Counsel - Bruce Byrholdt

An Oconee County jury delivered a guilty verdict in the case of Terry Tindall on July 27, 2005.

Tindall was stopped on I-85 on April 15, 2004 for driving infractions including following too closely, crossing the white line, and speeding. While awaiting confirmation of driver’s license and registration information, Sgt. Dale Colegrove of the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office was told by Tindall that he was traveling to Durham, NC to see his brother. Tindall then told the officer that he did not know where his brother lived but would call when he was closer to his destination. The defendant then began to exhibit nervous behavior. After being given permission to search the car, Sgt. Colegrove found approximately 2400 grams of cocaine (being equivalent to more than 5 pounds) stuffed in the back bumper of the car. Tindall was arrested and charged with Trafficking Cocaine.

After three days of testimony, the jury deliberated approximately an hour and a half before reaching a guilty verdict. Tindall will not be eligible for parole until he has served 85 percent of his sentence.

The Honorable Judge Cordell Maddox sentenced Tindall to 25 years in prison.

Lead Prosecutor - Lindsey Simmons
Defense Counsel - Delane Rosemond